TheBattery Mobile

The energy transition is increasingly driving the need for temporary clean power supply. Based on more than 5 years of experience and product maturation, TheBattery Mobile X is Alfen’s latest and best solution capable of reliably providing the power and energy you need for events, construction sites, EV charging hubs and many other locations. It is Alfen’s 4th generation mobile battery energy storage system which is even more versatile and flexible than the previous generations and can provide up to 70% more energy within the same form factor. It truly empowers your energy transition.

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Product Highlights

treme energy capacity

Provides up to 70% more energy than the previous generation of TheBattery Mobile in the same 10ft container form factor.


tremely easy to use, anywhere

Plug & play product that supports small grid connections, allowing you to connect TheBattery Mobile virtually anywhere to the grid.

tra secure

Based on LFP batteries, which have better high-temperature resistance than NMC batteries and are intrinsically safer. Additionally, Alfen’s operating software ensures operations within safe limits at all times.


cellerate your sustainability journey

Allows for sustainable energy at any given location, greatly reducing or even eliminating your CO2 footprint.


Applications icon peakshaving

Provides additional power for peak loads, supporting and safeguarding the grid connection

Applications icon ncillary service
Ancillary services

Provide FCR and FFR services throughout Europe on the frequency reserve markets

Applications icon soc control
SoC control

Manage the SoC level and limits in operations

Applications icon microgrid mode
Microgrid mode

Setup your local microgrid

Applications icon 50-60Hz
50/60Hz operation and conversion

Operate TheBattery at 50 or 60Hz. It can also act as a frequency converter

Applications icon parallel mode
Parallel Mobile

Group multiple batteries together to increase power